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How to measure a gas strut


Step 1 – Extended Length

Measure the gas strut from middle of end fitting to the middle of the end fitting when gas strut is fully extended


Step 2 – Diameter

Measure across the Rod/Shaft

Measure across the canister ( not around, across )

We have 4 sizes in gas struts – 6/15, 8/18, 10/22, 14/28 meaning an 8/18 has an 8mm shaft and 18mm canister



Step 3 – Newton Meters or Force

There are few ways to work out the Newton Meters (Nm).

Look – there may be a number followed by NM or N or the gas strut.

Weigh – Grab a pole and the bathroom scales, pop up boot/bonnet with pole in line with gas struts, remove struts & then place end of the pole onto the scales. This will tell you in Kg how heavy the door. Basic conversion is 1kg = 10NM so 10 kg = 100NM

Call the manufacturers of the vehicle…


Step 4 – End Fittings

Nantai gas spring have complete with ball cup fittings.  

However, if you aren't sure please take a photo and email us on sales@cznantai.cm or check out our data sheet for End Fittings to match your specific requirements.


Step 5 – Order your Gas Strut

Call us on +86 13616123175 and we'll get your Gas Strut Solution on the road to you.


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